The 12 Days of Self Directed Support

12 Days of Self Directed Support in red writing with snow background and dark blue sky with snowflakes

For Christmas 2023, we are sharing our #12DaysOfSelfDirectedSupport with twelve top tips for Self Directing your Social Care and Health support. You can reference this as a complete tool kit for Self Directing your own support or you can select the sections which apply to your own personal circumstances. Day 1: Your Rights For people […]

Small Supports programme- a Strengths-based approach to providing support

We talk about being person-centred in social care, but what does this mean in the context of supporting people with learning disabilities or autistic people to leave a long-stay hospital or assessment and treatment unit? When we talk to leaders in adult social care they openly admit “we can do better for people” with regards […]

Carers Week 2021: Peter’s story

Peter’s story Here, Peter shares some of his story about caring for his young adult son who has Profound Mental and Physical Disabilities. Tell us about the person who you care for. How old are they? What sort of things do they need help/care with? He is now 20 years old with profound mental and […]

Carers Week 2021: Sarah’s story

Sarah’s story Here, Sarah shares some of her story about caring for her young adult daughter who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Tell us about the person who you care for. How old are they? What sort of things do they need help/care with? I care for my daughter who is now 20 , […]

Our reflections

Its our community conference

Online conference event Yesterday (16th Feb 2021), we had the privilege of attending and sharing about our work at ‘It’s our community’ online conference, hosted by Citizen Network. We wanted to share a short summary of the event, and encourage you to visit the YouTube channel to watch the event if you haven’t already done […]

How ‘Purpose’ supports Well-Being

People we work with often ask ‘What supports wellbeing?’ The Care Act 2014 has an emphasis on Wellbeing and therefore it is a key aspect of all assessment and planning work in Health and Social Care. In the practice of Independent Support Brokerage and Person-Centred Planning, we often talk about the concept of ‘purpose’. However, […]

What does ‘good’ look like?

Leaders and decision-makers within the health and social care sector generally grasp (and subscribe to) the concept of Personalisation and Self-Directed Support; but often feel ‘stuck’ in relation to the systems, structures and processes that they are required to work within. Having a simple lens by which to review policy and practice could be a […]

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