The 12 Days of Self Directed Support

12 Days of Self Directed Support in red writing with snow background and dark blue sky with snowflakes

For Christmas 2023, we are sharing our #12DaysOfSelfDirectedSupport with twelve top tips for Self Directing your Social Care and Health support. You can reference this as a complete tool kit for Self Directing your own support or you can select the sections which apply to your own personal circumstances. Day 1: Your Rights For people […]

Why aren’t we seeing progress in Adult Social Care transformation?

Adult Social Care Transformation

Setting the scene In our recent conversations with other experienced and esteemed practitioners in the field of health and social care, a regular topic keeps coming up. Why aren’t we seeing real progress in Adult Social Care transformation? Why now is it still seen as ‘progress’ when a student Social Worker talks about a person […]

Change conversations

Our thoughts about the process of change We’ve been thinking a lot recently about how the neurological levels from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) can really help to enable to change to happen authentically, and be lasting. Our founder, Liz Leach Murphy is a Neurolinguistic practitioner, and has incorporated her training and knowledge in this area into […]

Support Brokerage and Self-funders

Two people holding support plan

Support for self-funders in managing and arranging their social care There was a Government announcement in Sept 2021, with the intention of strengthening and enacting section 18 (3) of Care Act, which meant that anyone self-funding their social care could have access to local authority assessment and arranging their support (including residential care). This would […]

People at the Heart of Care- our summary of the new White paper

On the 1st December 2021, the British government published the long-awaited White paper: ‘People at the Heart of Care’. Here is a link for you to read or download the full document. We think it’s really important that people are able to access and understand clear information about things which affect them. Below, we have […]

Small Supports programme- a Strengths-based approach to providing support

We talk about being person-centred in social care, but what does this mean in the context of supporting people with learning disabilities or autistic people to leave a long-stay hospital or assessment and treatment unit? When we talk to leaders in adult social care they openly admit “we can do better for people” with regards […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

Team Imagineer

At Imagineer, our day-to-day team consists of the three of us: Liz, Mollie & Sarah. Although we didn’t deliberately set out to be a female-only team (as we do have male board members, and have had male staff working in the organisation previously); we have landed here for now, and we are a formidable trio! […]

Our reflections

Its our community conference

Online conference event Yesterday (16th Feb 2021), we had the privilege of attending and sharing about our work at ‘It’s our community’ online conference, hosted by Citizen Network. We wanted to share a short summary of the event, and encourage you to visit the YouTube channel to watch the event if you haven’t already done […]

The three layers of Community

What do we mean, when we talk about ‘Community’? The word ‘community’ can mean different things to different people. We can talk about community as a group of people with a shared interest or set of beliefs such as a sports club or a faith community. We can describe community as a geographic area in […]

Care Act 2014: Knowing and understanding your rights

Do you know what your rights are under Care Act 2014? In the practice of Independent Support Brokerage we often have conversations with people who are accessing social care support for the first time and discover that they don’t have any awareness of their rights under the Care Act. This can make the whole process […]

2020- Our year in review

What a year!! Here’s our year in review. Looking back over 2020 it is easy to be drawn into endless conversations and reflections about the Global Covid-19 pandemic- how it has changed life and society. Whilst it has had a significant impact and influence on our work at Imagineer and the National Brokerage Network this […]

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