Voting toolkit- May 2023 elections


We have searched for helpful information and resources which you can share with people you support or people in your relational network who may require support to vote. The links below are not Imagineer resources, but we have included them in one ‘toolkit’ so that they are easy to search and explore if you need […]

Choice and Control in Social Care and Support

How can a person experience real choice and control to implement good support which works well for them; in a system where professionals and provider services hold all of the power? Let’s look at an example: Harry is a young adult who has been in the Health and social care system since he experienced a […]

The connection between ‘Rights’ and ‘Choice’

  How can you make an informed choice and be in control of your life when you don’t understand what your choices are? Let’s imagine you’re visiting a friend for dinner, and at the end of the meal, they get their box of ‘Celebrations’ out. (Apologies for the English chocolate reference if you are reading […]

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