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Graphic Facilitation Training

Graphic Facilitation is a creative and visual process which can be used for recording and facilitating meetings, conferences and events to engage the attendees and capture what is being shared ‘live’ as Graphics and text to create a Graphic record.

The approach has evolved out of Person Centred Planning but is also useful for team meetings, strategy days, AGMs, conferences and Coproduction events.

In this 2 day classroom-based course we will cover:

  • How to prepare for a graphic facilitation session so that the session runs smoothly and all you must do is concentrate on capturing the conversation
  • An introduction to the shapes, colours and words that form the base of this visual way of working
  • Techniques on capturing emotions and metaphors
  • Developing your awareness of the meaning associated with colours
  • How to create graphic recording which is representative of the individuals and communities the final Graphic recording will capture
  • The opportunity to practise in a safe and encouraging environment
  • A real focus on capturing a conversation in real time
  • An introduction to a range of templates that you can use in your practice as a Graphic Facilitator
  • An introduction to the tools and equipment you will need as a Graphic Facilitator (including technology and software) with information as to where these can be sourced
  • How to seal, store and present a final graphic recording

Our Graphic Facilitation training is delivered in partnership with
The Big Picture Graphic Facilitation. To find out more about Graphic Facilitation training, contact us:

Please book a minimum of 8 weeks in advance. Invoice to be paid in advance of delivery.

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