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Circles of Support

A Circle of Support is a group of people who have a specific intention and purpose of supporting a focus person.

Circles of Support (sometimes called a Circle of Friends) vary greatly, and are completely bespoke to each focus person.

Circles can have the following characteristics:

  • They can be big or small 
  • They can have members including friends, family and neighbours of the focus person
  • They can include professionals who work alongside the focus person
  • They can also include members of the local community who know the focus person


Most importantly, members of the Circle of Support get together because they have a genuine interest in the focus person.

The focus person can choose who they invite to be a member of their Circle of Support. Often, they choose people with useful knowledge who have shared skills and interests; and local connections which may be helpful to them.

The Circle of Support may choose to get together in person or to meet in an online space. Often get-togethers are organised in a local social and informal space which has significance to the focus person, such as a local pub, church building, coffee shop, library or community space. Sometimes they take place in the home of the focus person or the home of one of the Circle members. Often they are organised around food and fun! 

Circles of Support can provide an enduring relational network of support for the focus person, which goes beyond statutory services and paid support. This means that the person has relational connections into their local community and a sense of belonging.

The support needed will be very specific to the focus person and their circumstances.


Circles of Support have helped people to:

  • find a way to move from their current accommodation into their own home
  • change the way they are supported
  • share their wishes and ideas for a good life
  • find ways to make a contribution and be involved to their local community
  • find ways to meet new people and make friends
  • find ways to be able to meet up with friends and have more social time
  • prepare for and organise trips and holidays


Members of the Circle of Support can be involved in the development of the person’s Support Plan (should they need one).

In many ways, a Circle of Support can help the focus person to achieve greater sense of purpose, connection and control.


At Imagineer, we can provide support with:

  • Setting up a Circle of Support for a focus person
  • Facilitating ongoing Circle of Support meetings


If you would like to commission us to develop and/or facilitate a circle of support, please contact us: to discuss your requirements further.

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