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Training and Development


Here is a list of the training programmes we have available at Imagineer.

We also offer bespoke packages of training and consultancy on all aspects of Person Centred Planning, Support Brokerage and Self Directed Support.

Please give the team at Imagineer a call 01422 363 817 if you are interested in any of the training opportunities we have available or email mollie@imagineer.org.uk

All training days start at 10.00am until 4.00pm unless stated.

Support Brokerage Training – Accredited Option Available

A full 5 day training and development course covering all the areas of knowledge needed to successfully fulfil the function of a support broker. During the course we will look at the following areas; negotiation and mediation, information advice and guidance, support planning, sign posting, funding streams, legislation and guidance.  The course is delivered by Liz Leach who has over 7 years experience of providing Support Brokerage and is the founder of Imagineer CIC.

 Training Dates for 2018:

June 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th and 25th

Imagineer are able to offer a 10% discount for anyone who books a place on the training before the end of April and we are also able to offer a discount on group bookings.

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation – One or two day training 
An introduction into Graphic Facilitation, this is a fun and engaging course which will have the shyest of artists doodling by the end of the day.
During the first day we will cover how to prepare for a graphic facilitation session, we will look at the shapes, formats and words that form the base of this visual way of working.
During the second day we will look at different templates, tools and practices that you can take home with you. As well as practicing Graphic Facilitation in real time to get you started on your journey.
This course will give you the tools you need to make every meeting and discussion engaging, interesting and fun and you will even walk away with your very own starter graphic facilitation pack.

Training Dates for 2018:

July: 2nd and 3rd

September: 24th and 25th

Imagineer are able to offer a 10% discount for anyone who books a place on the training before the end of April and we are also able to offer a discount on group bookings.

Person Centred Planning 5 Days

A full 5 day training and development course covering the history and the principles of person centred planning. During this course you will gain practical experience of the following person centred planning tools; MAP, PATH and essential life style planning. We will also discover how person centred planning techniques can be utilised within self-directed support.  This course is delivered by Liz Leach who has over 20 years in facilitating Person Centred Plans and has a broad range of experience.

An Experience with Ash! – 2 Hour Awareness Session

An awareness session on what it is like to direct your own support and to show how vital it is to individuals. Using personal experiences, tools and scenarios in order to give a full reality of what life is like with and without the right support.

Through the session Ashley Taylor will be speaking about his life and how the use of services has impacted his life. He will be sharing the barriers and challenges he has faced and how he has overcome them.

He will also be giving scenarios and examples of his and other people’s day to day life to see how the audience reacts with situations and their opinions on them.

Ash will also be sharing a tool which he created as a fun way to engage with people. This tool is also a way to identify an individual’s personal interests, skills and ambitions. It is also a great way to match up individuals with PA’s and Carers who have the same interests.

This session can also be adapted longer or shorter depending on the audience. Please get in touch with Imagineer to book this session!

One day Person Centred Planning awareness

A one day course which will introduce the principles of person centred planning.  This will be an opportunity to have an overview of effective Person Centred approaches. Throughout the day we will make the connection between person centred planning, community / inclusion and the development of a support plan. After attending this engaging day you will have some practical techniques for you to take away and use.

Support Worker Training

Would you like to make sure that you are delivering the best support possible.  This course will look at how to become a good and valued support worker, ensuring you are working in a person centred way. We will take you through good and bad practices, how to be aware of your own values and beliefs, how to ensure you have a positive approach and how to recognise the difference you are making.  This course is delivered by people who employ their own support teams alongside people who are experienced and effective support workers.

Personalisation for Services – A Starting Point

This is a one day course where we will consider all the aspects needed for a service  to meet the personalisation agenda.  We will  cover costing a service to meet the requirements of an independent personal budget or a personal health budget.  We will address the changes required within back office systems and procedures.  Also how are you going to let the world know about the great service and opportunity you provide – we will explore some effective marketing startegies.

Strength Based Approaches

This is one day workshop where we will have the opportunity to develop a map of the local community.  We will explore the different meanings of community and identify potential opportunities within someone’s local area.  which are in line with the person’s skills gifts and aspirations. We will also explore ways of creating long lasting connections.

Brokerage Mentoring

After attending the Support Brokerage training and development course it is recommended by the National Brokerage Network that you secure some continued support to develop your understanding, knowledge and resourcefulness. At Imagineer we believe that learning from one another is incredibly valuable and therefore we are running on going Peer Mentoring sessions.

Brokerage Management

Participants will be provided with the knowledge and understanding to confidently manage an individual budget. Participants will enjoy the varied content the course has to offer in the form of activities, presentations, debate and case studies.