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Liz Leach - Founder of Imagineer and Chair Of NBN - Read My Bio

Liz Leach

Liz Leach

Director of Imagineer and Chair of the National Brokerage Network.

I have founded Imagineer and built it from myself as a lone worker, to a the team we have now and the activity we are delivering.

I am a Chair of the NBN and that I have delivered the NBN / OCN accredited Support Brokerage training since 2010.

I’m a skilled and experienced consultant in the fields of personalisation, self directed support, person centred training and related areas. With a track record of successful outcomes and a reputation built on commitment and professionalism, over the years I’ve worked with a wide range of individuals, families, charitable/ community organisations and local authority departments.

My approach to training, consultation, planning and brokerage is an informed and progressive one that’s evolved over several years. Today it embraces my specialist training and varied experience, combining the complementary disciplines of Person Centred Planning and Support Planning to deliver a highly personalised approach that is as relevant and ambitious as it is realistic and achievable.

As with all my work, the ultimate goal is always to and inform individuals,  to give them the skills, knowledge and confidence to plan and act on their own behalf.
Email: Liz@imagineer.org.uk

What Liz Is Good At (Other Team Members Views On Us):

  • Lovely
  • Helpful
  • Inspirational
  • Fantastic approach and totally unaware
  • Hardworking
  • Dominates
  • Gym buddy (haha)
  • Funny
  • Excellent Talker
  • Brings people together
  • Positivity
  • Determination
  • Fun
  • Passionate
  • Hard working
  • Friendly
  • Creative genius
  • Kind person

What Liz Loves About Imagineer and herself

  • Music
  • Family and team
  • Graphic facilitation
  • Leading light
  • Everyday lives
  • Pulling together
  • Cake

What Liz's Future Holds, Liz's Aspirations

  • Adventures
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Imagineer