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Josh Fox

Josh Fox


Hello my name is Josh, I started volunteering at Imagineer in January 2016. At Imagineer I design and create props for the themed Beat It Nights.  Depending on the situation I am quiet or talkative and usually more comfortable around my friends.

I have got a BA Hons in fine art specialising in ceramics.

I was one of the last 12 to be selected to exhibit at the Woon Painting and Sculpting Competition. I have also exhibited at Shape in London and Morphets in Harrogate.

I am the Director of Community Works at the Addy in Mixenden, which is a non-profit organisation giving ironing, gardening and woodwork services to the community.

I am quite musical.

In my spare time I enjoy going on walks and to the gym and creating art.

Being adventurous and exploring is what I like doing best.

Email: Josh@imagineer.org.uk

What Josh is good at (Other Team Members Views On Us):

  • Good Dancer
  • Dedicated
  • Professional
  • Artist
  • Arty and Talented
  • Amazing artist and modest
  • Wow So Talented
  • Good singer and artist
  • Honest
  • Full of creative ideas
  • Friendly
  • Reliable

What Josh Loves About Imagineer and himself:

  • Talking
  • Creating
  • Going out
  • Exploring and being adventurous with my favourite friends
  • Improving myself
  • Musical
  • Beat it nights
  • Atmosphere

What Josh's future holds, our aspirations

  • To have a lot more friends and closer ones
  • To travel the world
  • To have own family
  • To be richer
  • To be more famous