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What is Graphic Facilitation?

Graphic Facilitation is using pictures and words to map a conversation.

Graphics are used in meetings and at events so that everyone can see what is being recorded. They remind people of what has been said by using peoples own words and images. This helps everyone to take part in meetings and understand that they have been heard. This is especially powerful.

They make meetings fun and memorable.

Images help people to remember what has been said. Graphics help everyone think creatively and stay interested in what is being shared. Everyone present starts to open up the neglected right side of their brain and begins to see colourful and vibrant answers to questions they have been struggling with.

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What can we do?

Imagineer have two Graphic Facilitators available to make your events and meetings interesting and vibrant. We can come to you to map your conversation in real time. This can be a:

  • One to one meeting/session.
  • Small group meeting.
  • Conference.
  • Person Centred Planning Meeting.
  • Circle Of Support Meeting.

Or just about any type of meeting.

We find out what your event is all about and start the preparations for the day. We bring along our kit which is:

  • Pens/Pencils/Pastels
  • Paper rolls
  • Tape
  • Camera

We come along and set up with a large piece of paper taped to the wall or graphic stand and then we start drawing, listening out for themes and connections to make the image flow.

Once we have finished, the once blank piece of paper will be covered in colour ready for you to take it away.

Other Graphic Facilitation Services we can provide!

Team Away Days:Graphic Facilitation - Team Away Days

We can hold fun team away days to make your team stronger, better and together. Getting the team motivated and creating a creative way of thinking for your team. The day is fun and active and is tailored to your company/organisation.

The team away day gets your employees to create a clear strategic vision for your company/organisation.

Newsletter Live:

With the right information provided by you we can provide a Graphic Newsletter Live service for your organisation. We will need all the information that you would usually put into your newsletter so we can graphic it in real time. You will then receive back a video with a live drawing of your finished newsletter.

Graphic Facilitation Training:

A one day training course in Graphic Facilitation, this is a fun and engaging which will have the shyest of artists doodling by the end of the day.  During the day we will cover how to prepare for a graphic facilitation sessions, we will look at the shapes, formats and words that form the base of this visual way of working.   This course will give you the tools you need to make every meeting and discussion engaging, interesting and fun and you will even walk away with your very own starter graphic facilitation pack.

Please contact us about our training dates for 2018

If you would like us to come and graphic for you please contact us on 01422 363817 or email mollie@imagineer.org.uk  or download the graphic facilitation quotation form here!