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So in 2015 we raised money for a tour bus for The Outsiders to go on tour. This year we raised money for a trailer to take all the bands equipment on tour with them!

We raised money by holding a festival themed fundraiser at The Salvation Bar in Halifax, we had many different performers at the event such as Magpie Movers, The Outsiders, Ten Sheds and Jake Frood. We had different games going on throughout the day as well as a Music Beat It Session. Following the day we merged our Beat It Night with the fundraiser.

Liz and Nigel also helped massively towards the fundraising by walking Hadrian’s Wall Coast To Coast which was a total of 84 miles!

You can still help The Outsiders by donating to our  Local Giving page

Fundraising 2015!

Throughout 2015 we have been raising money for a tour bus for The OutsidersThe Outsiders are a band made of talented musicians, singers and performers who have learning disabilities. They are a cover band which cover pop and rock songs and have also created a few songs of their own. They have performed to a wide range of audiences throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas at a very high cost due to transport issues. The Outsiders aspire to be able to perform their great gigs further afield so they are well known across the country.  They aimed to raise money to be able to purchase a bus so they are able to follow their aspirations and go on tour.

The Outsiders with the Deputy Lord Mayor

Fundraising Dinner 28th September 2015.

 Well The Outsiders fundraising dinner was a HUGE success with 90 people attending to support The Outsiders. We raised a grand total of £850 on the night.

We would like to thank all who attended and helped make the evening a great one.

There is still a chance to help fundraise for The Outsiders Tour bus. Please go to our Local Giving page