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Dalziel Relton - Imagineer Development

Dalziel Relton

Dalziel Relton

Office Administration Apprentice

Hello my name is Dalziel; I have just recently started working for Imagineer at the beginning of September as an apprentice.

I am working towards been an Administrator for Imagineer and to fulfil the Administration role so others are able to take on new challenges and ideas.

I love how varied the role is, no two days are the same at all! I look forward what the future holds working for Imagineer.

I have been searching for an administration apprenticeship for a while and was very lucky to be given an interview with Imagineer and to be successful.

Everyone has welcomed me into the organisation really well and are fantastic. I am happy to say that I am part of the fabulous team at Imagineer.

Email: Dalziel@imagineer.org.uk

What Dalziel Is Good At (Other Team Members Views On Us):

  • Assertive and laid back approach
  • Running
  • Helpful
  • Organised
  • Helpful on the ball
  • Fits right in
  • Good telephone skills
  • Friendly
  • Nice smile
  • Efficient
  • Smart appearance
  • Quiet and calming
  • Willing to help
  • Good company
  • Supportive
  • Great
  • Professional
  • Manner is top notch

What Dalziel Loves About Imagineer

  • Help others
  • Improve lives
  • Creativity
  • I love helping others
  • Variation of work
  • Making a difference

What Dalziel's Future Holds, Dalziel's Aspirations

  • Completing my apprenticeship
  • Gaining a full time position at Imagineer
  • To be able to do my role efficiently
  • To be a world champion in athletics