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British Red Cross - Imagineer Development

British Red Cross

We are one of the medical hire outlets for The British Red Cross based at:

36 Gibbet Street,


West Yorkshire,


The types of mobility aids we provide include the following:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Commodes
  • Bedpans

And Many Other things.

How do I borrow a wheelchair or other mobility aids?

You need to contact your local British Red Cross Office to find equipment near you. If you are based round the Calderdale area you will need to call our outlet in Halifax on the number 07850 735829.

Over the phone someone will ask you a couple of questions to fill out the loan form, they will then let you know when would be a suitable time to come and pick up/drop off the mobility aids which you have loaned.

It is normally a 6 week hire and the equipment is usually available within 24 hours in an emergency.

Some equipment may not be available in our outlet so we would need to order it from a different outlet depending on their availability.


This service is run by volunteers, so we do request donations to help The British Red Cross continue providing this valuable service. A refundable deposit will also be required.