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Welcome to Imagineer

We put the person at the heart of everything we do, its all about you!

Training and Development

Here at Imagineer we provide a wide range of Training and Development services to help you achieve the knowledge needed for whichever direction you wish to progress in.

Training includes
Your Funding Your Choices
Support Worker Training
Support Planning and Review for Self DIrection
Making Meetings Meaningful
Mental Capacity Act Training
Budget Management

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Brokerage Management

At Imagineer we offer a range of services to help you manage your personal budget.

We offer these services with the hope that you may begin to feel totally comfortable with doing this for yourself in the future.We will always be here to provide you with support and guidance whenever

These services include;
Training for staff

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Support Brokerage

Support brokers are your independent guides to the life of your choice, helping you to achieve the support and life outcomes you wish.

Support brokers are independent, working for you to achieve your aims. Support Brokers provide advice, resolve conflicts and liaise with care providers and funding providers. Good brokerage builds a support package that reflects you as a person, your interests and passions as well as your needs.

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Latest Blogs

The Care Act-2014-The New Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) criteria (Summary for PE)

This document will aim to outline and analyse the new FACS criteria/threshold that an individual will need to meet to access community care support. The drivers behind this new piece of legislation will be explained along with reasoning and possible critiques and advantages of the new threshold. The new care act will be coming into […]

The possibilities and positive outcomes available with a PHB

The possibilities and positive outcomes available with a PHB For one lady in the North of England accessing a personal health budget has been a truly life changing experience both for her and her family.. Up until a tragic accident occurring the lady was living a full and meaningful life with the capacity to make […]

The Difference In Respite

I had the pleasure of spending this weekend at a festival, but what made this even more special was the fact that I was with someone who was utilising his personal budget to be there as an alternative to the traditional respite option he had been offered over 3 years ago. It was great; we […]

Fundraising At Imagineer

At Imagineer we strive to raise as much money as possible through our fundraising events, aiming to give people the support they want, need and deserve to prevent isolation, social exclusion and encourage empowerment. What may seem the little things to some such as going shopping or meeting new people may be a big thing […]

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